The First Principle for Emotional Agility Readiness

The only thing that is certain is uncertainty. That has never been more evident than in the year 2020, and never before have the current generations needed to be nimble in processing our emotions and thoughts to adjust to the constant ripples (and sometimes title waves) this uncertainty generates.  In this first episode, we lay the groundwork to build the self-leadership muscle of emotional agility. 


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  Episode Highlights

  • 4:35 – What is Emotional Agility?
  • 6:55 – Why is Emotional Agility Important in the Workplace?
  • 7:29 – The First Principle
  • 9:23 – The Tyranny of Positivity
  • 12:03 – “Rigidity in the Face of Complexity is Toxic”
  • 13:09 – Why Should We Develop Emotional Agility?
  • 15:12 – Disconnecting from Emotions
  • 17:12 – Homework (Find in Resources)

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