The Thinkers First Approach to Emotional Literacy & Values

Today we’re exploring another approach to gaining emotional literacy – The Thinkers First Approach. It’s not that feelers don’t think or thinkers don’t feel but for some of us, it is easier to approach circumstances with detached logic first. So we’re talking about how those, who first lean toward logic, can access that emotional data. Then we’re leveraging that information, plus a couple of other data collection methods, to get clear on our top current values and to continue building emotional agility. 


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Episode Highlights

  • 2:01 – Clearing Things Up
  • 2:45 – Aligning Actions with Feelings
  • 3:49 – Accessing Feelings through Thought and Logic
  • 6:15 – RightPath Assessment
  • 8:54 – Thinkers First Examples
  • 13:21 – Understanding and Identifying Your Values
  • 17:00 – Next Time on the Podcast

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