Guest Interview: Executive Coach and Consultant Jennell Jones

Has 2020 challenged your emotional agility and/or made you take a hard look at diversity in your workplace? Executive Coach and Consultant Jennell Jones shares her experiences and insights on how to build your emotional agility, diversity and self-leadership. There is so much practical application in this episode, you won’t want to miss out! 

Jennell Jones is an Executive Coach and Consultant who empowers progressive women and minority executives to take control of their development and accelerate their careers.
She challenges executives get the results they are seeking by shifting mindsets and transforming behaviors. She works with her clients to identify and break through challenges they experience with executive presence, stakeholder management, leadership style and communications.

Jennell also facilitates team effectiveness sessions, mastermind sessions and group coaching. 

She spent over 20 years leading talent acquisition organizations in a variety of different industries. She also spent 10 years with Pfizer, most of which in was Talent and Organizational Capability, where she provided leadership over talent management, executive development and high potential strategy.  

Jennell graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Psychology. She is a professionally certified executive coach and she holds certifications in multiple assessments and frameworks. She lives in Jersey City, New Jersey.


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Episode Highlights

  • 1:36 – Getting to Know Jennell
  • 4:19 – Jennell on Emotional Agility
  • 9:18 – Seeing Challenges as a Conduit to Success
  • 10:39 – Seeing Nervousness as Excitement
  • 11:52 – Creating Diversity in the Workplace
  • 14:52 – Sponsorship vs. Mentorship
  • 18:52 – What Else We Should Pay Attention to Right Now
  • 21:36 – Strategies to Getting Unstuck
  • 27:50 – Getting in Contact with Jennell 

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