Emotional Agility and the Power of Habit

As we wind down the first season, on today’s episode we’re working on aligning our behaviors with our values through the power of habit. Learn how to adopt new habits and the Golden Rule of Habit Change. Conserve energy and reduce the disparity between how we want to show up and how we actually live, all factors that support emotional agility.


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Episode Highlights

  • 0:46 – On the Podcast Today

  • 1:30-  Being Organized

  • 3:32- Power of Habits
  • 5:04- H.A.L.T.
  • 6:14- Habits and Our Energy
  • 7:56- Small Changes = Massive Results
  • 10:39- What Actions Can We Make to Move Toward Our Values?
  • 12:18- How to Look at Habits
  • 14:55- Looking at Our Values
  • 16:14- Habit Stacking
  • 17:50- Impacts of Changing Habits
  • 18:16- With Change Comes Loss
  • 19:11- How to Adjust a Habit
  • 21:13- Changing a Bad Habit
  • 23:56- What’s Next

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